Friday, April 2, 2010

Denise Carter-Roasters on Georgia

Hello Denise Carter!!!!

I popped into Roasters last night for some earl grey and low and behold my artistic senses tingled all over. What Denise does with cardboard can only be called magical. I particularly liked three pieces which will be mine!! I plan on giving her a call soon. Denise gives a color blocking technique to the cardboard pieces she finds and leaves feathery brushstrokes and pen and ink trailings throughout her pieces. Painted Desert was a very successful piece that incorporates the larger piece framing the smaller special vignette inside. The blocked landscape with a hint of parameters holds that tiny inset of what I saw as an abandoned teal blue mesa type house and a little red desert sun poking its head around the corner.

Denise uses the 70x7 motif in her work to emphasize how many times Jesus said to forgive in the Bible and she gives a percentage of her sales to a local charity.

Make sure you trek over to Roasters on Georgia to check out Denise Carter and BUY SOMETHING!!!!

Get out there and support your local artists Amarillo!