Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Charlie Vaughan

So last night I got to go to Hastings and actually spend some time in there. So I wandered over to the Corner Artspace.

Charlie Vaughan is the featured artist for May and June. Her work is very refreshing. I've seen Charlie's work before but these pieces introduce a new direction for her in her painting. The three works that are on display are reminiscent of feathers or flowers depending on what flavor you appreciate. The paintings are large and the use of white as a background keeps the focus deeply intent upon the play of color and drip. The petals are defined by use of drastic pencil marks and rough scribbles. This is ultimately what made me see feathers, whereas the others I was with saw flowers.

I especially appreciate the blue piece. I think the color combination here works very well. For such a cool piece it feels very warm and intent. I think the drip effect that Charlie is using in the works is very effective, giving the feeling that these flowers were just painted-just echoing the idea of how refreshingly bright and powerful the objects are here.

Charlie's work will be up for May and June at the Corner Artspace at Hastings on Georgia. Go check it out!

Friday, May 7, 2010

WT/AC Student Faculty Show

AMoA was full of a wealth of eclectic, pivotal, well done art pieces for this past WT/AC show.

I liked so many of them, but I am going to reference the ones that really stuck with me.

Lana Ziegler's Hands and Feet were an amazingly beautiful rendition of ceramic hands and feet. The feet stuck in an ever present invisible high heels made me think of how uncomfortable and pressing the concern is to keep the feet beautiful and to have them arched and high for societal pressures. The hands posed and decorated with detailed flowing floral patterns. The toenails and fingernails painted and perfect just drive home the feeling of how the organic beauty of the natural body battles against the pressure for perfection.

Jesse Melson's "Above" took you there. Here one was faced with the "like mike" tennis shoes on a wire. These sneakers on the line were complete with Hermes wings on the heels. All of this floated above t-shirt clouds with roughly sewn lining. The piece felt like it was suspended high above the steel society below. It was a whimsical undertaking and I thought well done.

Ashley Grossman's Untitled work was a lovely study in contrasting textures and color. The successfulness of the dark and light plays in the photo is undeniable and the point of view was really interesting. The stop and go light patterned color palette made one take note. It drew me in at first then I started to really notice the differences in the flat surfaces of the photo and the rougher textural elements apparent as well. The repetition in the surfaces and colors really makes the pieces feel alive and electric. I was almost waiting for it to start blinking at me.

Karen Herpich's Harlequin, 2010 was a tasty little nugget at the show. This ceramic piece was a delight from all sides. The strong geometric patterns in the piece are boldly embellished with organic details. The bright base colors and the the body draw one in. The figure with its goatish face stands proud with one arm fading into a nature tilted oblivion.

Chad Harris made a strong showing with his Blind Contour and Blind Contour Plus. Two pieces that I would have proudly hung in my home but, alas, someone else must hold that honor! Harris's spray cans with the graffiti feel were full of bold gestural lines and movement. One piece delights in it's illusion of can upon can with the taste of camouflaged paint patterns. The other piece was a cool palette that had subtle reminiscent of the "Take on Me" video by Aha.

Stephanie Jung's delightful work called A conversation with the Noblest Gentleman was a soft cool colored facade hiding the hideousness of the deed. Here we come face to face with what looks like a lounging gentleman in his attire and waistcoat only to feel the cold hard slap of a dead deer laid out upon his lap. The gentleman juxtaposes the oddly bent legs of the animal with his own flippantly rested hand. To me it was a commentary on the things you see and the things that lie hidden beneath.

Jennifer Albertson

“I am challenged by fear.”
“I am challenged by my own self.”
“My body image challenges me.”
“I can’t stop eating.”
“I struggle with spelling.”
“I never want to be at home because I feel like my family doesn’t want me.”
“My battle is with comment for thoughts of others about the decisions I make and the beliefs I hold.”
“Letting love in completely.”
“I struggle with anger.”
“I struggle with acceptance.”

Jennifer Albertson invited the public to hang their woes on her inventive participatory piece at the WT/Ac Student Faculty show at the Amarillo Museum of Art. The piece, which was a give and take opportunity for the audience was a well thought out commentary on letting go of those things we cannot accept or that we struggle with daily and taking some advice that for the moment anyway might give one a piece of mind. I am glad to say that I hung a woe on the dress frame and walked over to the take box and was told to “Take a Nap!” Probably some of the best advice I have ever received! Albertson’s piece was only one of several pieces that are noteworthy in the show. I am including a few picture of the Albertson piece and will write more later on some other pieces I noticed while I walked the galleries of AMoA.

Goings on in Amarillo

So sometimes my real life tends to interfere with my blogging capabilities. Even though these shows are down, I want to write about them. So I am going to make a few posts. Forgive me art world for not doing this in a more timely manner. Surely these artists will be around again and I want to give them credit at least.

There are a couple of things I have actually gotten out to see this week and want to share with you.

Charlie Vaughan is showing over at Hastings Corner ARtspace. I knwo Charlie pretty well and have seen her work in the past few months. The pieces she has up at HAstings are very nice! Charlie works BIG and I love that-so even though she is only showing three pieces-they are fabulous. Her use of color and her perspective is definitely unique and commands attention. I will be writing a review of her work in teh next week here so check back in a couple of days for that.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am showing at OHMS. I'm not going to say alot about my own work here-this is for everyone else. I am proud of the show and hope that some of you could get by there and check it out if you have the time.

On thursday night, the 806 opened a show with a few artists being spotlgihted- I failed to get the information in time to change my column in style (hence the ??? marks), that was actually a typo and I promise never to do it again-remember I'm new at this and I do apologize to my readers! Ashley Grossman is showing there in this group and I really like her photography pieces. She had an outstanding piece in the AC/WT show at AMoA last month. She is most definitely worth the time to go and check out.

I will make sure you hear more from me in the next week. I am going to try and get out this weekend and write up some individual blogs about these artists!

I met with Brian Bussey yesterday. He is who I am writing about in the June column. It's so refreshing to go out and talk with artists who think much the same way as I do.

AMARILLO wake up and embrace your artists! We love you, we stay here, we live here, we contribute to your community thorugh our day jobs and our after hours passions! Please, it is my wish for you, go out this weekend and see some art!!!!!