Friday, May 7, 2010

Jennifer Albertson

“I am challenged by fear.”
“I am challenged by my own self.”
“My body image challenges me.”
“I can’t stop eating.”
“I struggle with spelling.”
“I never want to be at home because I feel like my family doesn’t want me.”
“My battle is with comment for thoughts of others about the decisions I make and the beliefs I hold.”
“Letting love in completely.”
“I struggle with anger.”
“I struggle with acceptance.”

Jennifer Albertson invited the public to hang their woes on her inventive participatory piece at the WT/Ac Student Faculty show at the Amarillo Museum of Art. The piece, which was a give and take opportunity for the audience was a well thought out commentary on letting go of those things we cannot accept or that we struggle with daily and taking some advice that for the moment anyway might give one a piece of mind. I am glad to say that I hung a woe on the dress frame and walked over to the take box and was told to “Take a Nap!” Probably some of the best advice I have ever received! Albertson’s piece was only one of several pieces that are noteworthy in the show. I am including a few picture of the Albertson piece and will write more later on some other pieces I noticed while I walked the galleries of AMoA.

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