Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Charlie Vaughan

So last night I got to go to Hastings and actually spend some time in there. So I wandered over to the Corner Artspace.

Charlie Vaughan is the featured artist for May and June. Her work is very refreshing. I've seen Charlie's work before but these pieces introduce a new direction for her in her painting. The three works that are on display are reminiscent of feathers or flowers depending on what flavor you appreciate. The paintings are large and the use of white as a background keeps the focus deeply intent upon the play of color and drip. The petals are defined by use of drastic pencil marks and rough scribbles. This is ultimately what made me see feathers, whereas the others I was with saw flowers.

I especially appreciate the blue piece. I think the color combination here works very well. For such a cool piece it feels very warm and intent. I think the drip effect that Charlie is using in the works is very effective, giving the feeling that these flowers were just painted-just echoing the idea of how refreshingly bright and powerful the objects are here.

Charlie's work will be up for May and June at the Corner Artspace at Hastings on Georgia. Go check it out!

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