Monday, April 27, 2009

Bands I Saw This Weekend-Shurman and DataKid


Gritty raw rustic rungs
of fiery dirty back home words
licks of guitar sending me back
sawdust dangling dance poses
scooting and sneezing at the dirt in the air

voice telling me in country
full of acousticobstacles
only the best u ever had

music sending me to rock
rockabilly hilly sounds

drinks and thinks
limes and beer
cougars gyrating to the
thumping beat of the drums
begging one more look
at the steamy lead singer

Small Town Tragedies
don't start til midnight
but keep coming at the hands
of you Shurman boys


Who knew Kings of Leon
could sound so good
without the Leons

Frat boys screaming
waving the horns in the air
Do it for Love

techno keyboard
bass speaker thump
fingers picking to their

making my toe tap
even when I try
to keep it down

Weezer windy washes
of music that matters
covers that care

everybody sings!
crowd and everythings!

energy on the mike
in the crowd
all over the bar

you can feel it
in wooden plank floorboards
in your speaker rocked innards
in the smell of the dancing bodies
in the aura of the music made menagerie
that is a group of datakids

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  1. I so love to read your poetry. It always makes me feel.