Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maya Angelou!

Oh Madam Maya
how you have touched us all!!!!

Last night had to be one of the most amazing things! I don't even care that the sound was screwed up because I got to see a living legend. She was one of the most motivational speakers I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. What positivity! One woman able to lift the spirits of a whole coliseum full of people. How amazed I was to be able to share that moment with my daughter and with Lana. They will always remember that they saw her speak in Canyon, TX.

She got me to thinking about the rainbows in my cloud and I decided it is time to give props to them. So here they are in no particular order just in a list!

Alex-when I got pregnant with her at 17 I never knew if I would be able to do it-to have a baby and grow up and take care of it. My ex's family accepted us as we were and for that they were a rainbow in my cloud. But Alex, oh Alex, she gave me a reason to grow up and a purpose in my life. She taught me so much about myself that I didn't even know at the time. She has been a staple in my life for 13 years and I know she is one of those rainbows in my cloud.

Jojo-I know it must be easy to count your children as your rainbows, but Jojo has given me patience. When I was all about go, go, go with my oldest schedule, Jojo showed up in my life and taught me that you can't always plan out your existence and that it is ok to walk a little slower and check out the little things you may over look. She has taught me that tutus and grocery stores go hand in hand and that passion is sometimes a wonderful thing. She cares so deeply about everything and for that she is a rainbow in my cloud.

Lana-Who came to me when I needed a confidant. She has not been like a daughter to me, she has been my friend and something like a little sister. I want to keep hr under my umbrella but I know she must get out and move on sometime. When I have needed to talk, she is there and will listen for hours if the need be. She also let me be her guardian-she let me help her out. She let me be maternal when I Jojo had gone to her dad's. She didn't replace her but she gave me a good distraction. For that she is one of my rainbows.

Brandon-I was lost and tired and ready to never ever love someone again. He came out of nowhere and blindsided me with a relationship I haven't ever had. He accepts me as is-he lets me try new things and supports me-he genuinely enjoys my company and who I am-he is who he is, there is no trying to figure it out-he is loving-he is emotionally there for me-he picks me up when I am down-he lifts me up higher when I am up already. He is a rainbow in my cloud.

I can think of some many more and I could list them all-

Courtney-for keeping me grounded when I was trying to get away from reality

Crystal-for offering hugs and caring words when I needed them most

Jan Ragsdale-for teaching me things I never would have known in life without a little mothering which I so desperately needed. For sharing interests with me when I wanted to discuss things and for listening when I was down about what seemed like everything.

my stepsister Brandi-who came to the wedding even though my whole family had forsaken me and won't speak to me. Just seeing her face there was a rainbow in my cloud.

I could go on and on and on-but this is the thing that Maya Angelou did to me-she had me see that so many people in my life have "paid" my way by being the rainbow in my cloud.

So today I am going to spend some time getting back to writing and pick up a pack of thank you notes and let these people who are rainbows in my cloud know that that is what they are.

One amazing woman-and I am so grateful to have heard her.


  1. Here's to rainbows. Amy we all have the vision to recognize them for what they are.

  2. I hope you know that you are a rainbow in my life. You are there to make me snap out of it when I just want to lay down and cry. Thank you for being in my life.