Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3ww-Alex's night

Bwak bwak bwak
bicker backed sstrut around the room
pecking at the little things
he tells us all how we have failed
We see this fainting finger pointing
as its trajectory closes into the space behind my daughter

My daughter on the roof
crying over daddy do dahs
and daddy wah wahs
and her nervous looks down at me
on the concrete below

just wishing there was a way out
of this little luau of lackluster laments
burning holes in her self esteem
taking pills that don't make her better
he fires away
another round of babble
with shrapel of shit
and circumstance

So I hold her and tell her to breathe
this too shall pass
and when these boomers give us clean skies
we will bask in their sunshiney goodness.


  1. I really like the starkness and boldness of this. Well done. Glad you decided to do it.

  2. Powerful piece - universal in its yearning...

  3. A very strong piece of work and powerfully written.

  4. I wish with all my heart that this wasn't true, Ande. I wish I could help with the pain and the anger...

  5. believing that things are going to change is very powerful, even if for the time being, it is a lie.

  6. Ah the paternal struggle of discipline and broken spirits. It always weighs on my conscience.

  7. I loved the alliteration, and the imagery your post evoked. Well done and powerful. -Meg