Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 WW-Thank God for Playboy

candid candid camera
snapping photos of unclad women
forcing pulses to double
and glands to salivate

the snap of the image
fireball erupting into the dark
smell of old lit matches
Her nipples hard from the cold of the room
She bites the inside of her mouth hard
to focus on anything but her pale nakedness

The impulse is to grab her robe and run
Out into the night air with nowhere to go
No money
25 cents and a cracker
do you think that's enough
to get her there
to get her anywhere

She lays back taking a break
The arch in her back starting to ache
Her head throbs almost as hard
as the camera man's genitalia

"Only two more Rosie"
he states as he readies for another
orgasmic explosion of film and fire
She steadies herself and bends over
her ass towards the lens
it's a risk that she has to take.


  1. Huh... I told you today's three words would be interesting!

  2. incredibly erotic! i love it!

  3. Interesting play of the erotic against the mercenary. My favorite parts are the old lit matches and the throbbing head/genitals. Those images really strike me as going a lot deeper than possibly intended at first. Especially the old lit matches. That line is quite an indictment of male sexuality and the porn industry, actually. Hmmm.

  4. This has so much rich detail, so much angst. Thanks for sharing.