Wednesday, February 11, 2009


His tattoo speaks to him
He says it curses him one day
loves him the next
His wife remains silent
inside their cardboard perfection of a home

She looks out windows with a duster in her hand
reprimanded by her brain
for thoughts of the high school boy across the way
her disarray shows at the fringes of her being
her soul unravels in her eyelashes and cuticles
She continues to fluff and pat

He walks by her to the kitchen
the first cup of joe
Ahhhh the drink of the Gods
This black life giving liquid that leaves him
with the urge to validate their relationship and leave her one
semi sweet
peck on the check

She will not miss him
HE will not miss her

Their division smacks of so many other
relationships gone wrong
while girls go wild
It is this new world of loneliness
that harbors in the timeless capsules of youth
looking and searching
never finding
and never seeking
something the Ward and June had

If you can't have stability
at least go out and get you some

The brickness of it all weighs down the world
in a flattened fury of frustration
in the midnight of our evolution we broke
this residue of rabble is our new existence

faces wonder, wander, gaze at rainbows
shut their eyes and more morosely
walk away


  1. I really like how this opens up. Many of the lines are just so nicely done.

  2. Perhaps June and Ward was a fairy tale, and an entire generation thought that's what life should be when they grew up. But it's not real, any more than the girls gone wild is real, except that both are real people acting out something they're not really on the inside. I love the way you've drawn this. Nicely done.

  3. I had thoughts of "Peter Peter pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn't keep her, locked her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well." You told the same story with very modern images, there lives the illlusion. Nobody wins.
    happy 3WW!

  4. Exactly. A macro of the world. Excellent.

  5. I especially enjoy the fleeting images, that build disparate wholes, created in the first two stanzas.

  6. great vignette.. i feel sad thinking about world of loneliness.. i think that its often more lonely being in the wrong relationship than being alone, on your own..

  7. I felt the loneliness of these two people living 'separately together'...very well written.