Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3WW-One More Time

He dances
in the unnatural strobe lights
that change as quickly as his mind
he sweats
it trickles from his forehead
down his neck
onto his chest
it glistens under it's unbuttoned curtain call

He gyrates to the music
feels it deep down
Girls notice him
they like the fact that he's not inhibited
that he dances
that he has fun
His persistent palpitations of hips
his beat-bobbing head
his closed eyes
Attract them and repulse them all at one time

He dances with partners
but mostly alone

The music moves him
to another place
that place where callous calls
money money money honey
don't exist
just the steady boom boom boom
of the room
of the night-of his unlife

He feels no obligations on the floor
just wants more
some more
one more

He knows it will end
it always does
interfering integrity and ill met realities
always greet him at 2 a.m.

He turns and breathes deep
slings the last songs sweat from his face
hears a new beat
sees a new partner
and cozies up to the new confections


  1. Great observations here, I can feel the body heat pulsating from this encapsulated world... it reminds me of the disco craze, all those years ago!

    The NaisaiKu.. Challenge!

  2. Wow. Loveth description and the power in this. Well done.

  3. This reminded me of when I was young and would go dancing in those sweaty clubs, packed in with all the other sweaty bodies! The beat of the music couldn't be denied...