Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3WW-Cajun Cooking

Spoony sun swamp thing forest
dripping oozy weeedy things
Stinky sunshine peeking through slivers
cajoling the cajun canopy
sit and wither, rise and shine
voodoo man nostrils flare
tempests temper riding high
shaking his stick everywhere
dance that wild dance old bone nose
boy and a severed head
marie loved magic so damn much
that good looking boy just had to go
smoke in the bayou
deep down by the house
reckless recluse runs nearby
someone is cooking something unknown
by the river that gleams at twilight


  1. The ending just brings this all together.

  2. I love the references to voodoo and Marie Laveau. Makes me wonder what is really cooking.

  3. River gleams at twilight. So well said