Friday, March 6, 2009

Lots of useless drivel but a poem at the end

I am going to attempt to paint large canvas tonight. Any suggestions as to content? I was thinking maybe of a geisha girl. Not sure. Anyway, I am up to my ears in wedding stuff right now. I have a shower this weekend and have to find canvas on a roll-hard to find in amarillo, and need to finish table runners and my gown. I don't have my kids this weekend and that saddens me-it's been two weeks since I have seen jojo and alex is fighting with her dad again. She wants to do a private lesson at fencing tonight and he is mad that she won't be at his house by the court appointed 6 but rather 9 when she is finished. I am again suffering from our seasonal winds and pollen count. MISERABLE. My new inlaws (mom, two sisters and nephew) will be here tomorrow around 12 and my house looks like that dog from Turner and Hooch got a hold of it. I'm a bit frustrated with my wonderful man and my two teens keep fighting over the shower-I mean really! Alex was not done with fencing until 11 last night and she got beat up pretty good, I came home took one look at the fact that Brandon had not cleaned anything and just went to bed so that I wouldn't say mean things to everyone.

Just need a break.

Anyway-I know this is just drivel but it needed said.

Here's a poem for you who need that instead:

Itchy eyeball
encrusted in sleep filth of the night
red scarred cornea looks upon the world
as a weight
as a thorn
this eye only opens halfway
the other half longs for rest
kids buzz past in their cars
talking on phones
telling the world
look at me
look at me
I'm so super skinny

the eyeball blinks slow
in its meandering muscular twitch
and the image the brain gets
says you are nothing now
and in 10 years nothing more

red red itchy reasons
to hate the beautiful things in the way

close the eyeball
and look away.


  1. The wind is not my friend. It's the only reason I would consider living somewhere else.

  2. Allergies .. Texas oil and the wind, there are times when they are not my best friends. I loved the drivel, it's human and the excitement in the middle of chaos, well, I have been there and there's nothing like living life in all it's ... whatever.

    I enjoyed the poem. Write on!

  3. Let's see, today's the 6th, so 21 full days until the wedding, oh, but wait we are gone for almost a week of that. Lord help us all! Don't worry, take a deep breath, it will all work out.