Thursday, March 5, 2009


Cool tongue lolling touches
Oh so close to my pregnant brain
No I did not want to tell you these things
Volumes lore meaning and sense
Easy to ignore my empty synapse fire
Ready reasons for rugged regrets
Silly to think I should want more from your lies
Alone I take what I get
Too too true sings the gopher to the big fat moon
I stand alone with my words
Only to wish that I heard you that time
No, instead, I dizzy drink more of my time wine


  1. This was a serious poem, but it was also fun to read, as I love your voice in this piece.

    This is my first time reading you, and I will be back. Thanks for joining the fun!

    "Oh so close to my pregnant brain" .. how unique!

  2. This was a great poem.

    Wonderful acrostic with much visual feelings in the pen`s ink...You did good!