Monday, March 9, 2009

ta da

My glasses are stretched out.
It's like cyanide to the eyes
I tilt my head the wrong way
they slide left to right
I look down and the go go gone
librarian faced for a second
I contemplate that
as the slide towards the tile
that I spent money on glasses
they don't fit right
and they reflect back
at everything I see

I must be shrinking
that would explain so much
I'm lost in the world so often
my fingers are smaller
my rings are loose

If only my ass would follow suit

The blue blue sky threatens to swallow
when I look up at it
and I hear the mockingbird sing
sweet sweet chirpington
oooooo bad bad leroy brown

I am looking for my nest
my niche
my place to feel large and full

I stare at that sky
that bird
feel my glasses slip more
and suddenly am blind
and deaf
and alone once more

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